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a simple, all-in-one solution to significantly improve the life of your growing practice

Providers often struggle with the processes that help their practices thrive because they lack the right technology. With the proper tools, you can position yourself in ways that increase patient volume, reduce costs, & eliminate errors

Have administrative tasks ever caused frustration with patients, leaving your staff feeling overwhelmed? Have managing the needs of your practice ever made you worry about it’s overall survival?

Providers often struggle with finding new patients, retaining them, keeping overhead low, AND providing quality care. Unfortunately, the barriers to these goals can cause patients to look elsewhere, stress out your staff, & sometimes even close your doors down for good.

Red Apple features include private virtual waiting rooms, secure chat, online file exchange, & more!

Boost online presence & get more patients

Our listing service allows patients to find providers by type, location, cost, etc. Providers are listed on our matching pages & have a unique link that posts your profile anywhere on the web. Patients ratings & reviews help increase your online reputation.

Eliminate no-shows & increase retention

Secure chat reduces skipped appointments by allowing providers to send pre-visit reminders. Post-visit after care instructions increase retention & improve patient outcomes.

Our easy to use software simplifies the process for patients, enhancing their overall experience.


Reduce overhead & minimize inefficiency

File transfer features allow staff to give intake forms & take insurance prior to appointments, streamlining the front office & making both patient & staff happy. Scheduling options give patients the opportunity to book appointments themseles.

Increase efficiency cuts down overhead costs significantly!


Simple solutions for your practice

Our software is designed to improve provider-patient relationships while cutting costs, no technological skills needed. We’ve made the process of getting started easy!

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Get back to work, and SMILE!

SMILE! Effective telehelath platforms significantly improve the quality of life for patients, staff, & providers!


40% of patients surveyed said if they did not have access to a virtual visit, they would skip treatment because of the burden of excessive travel to their facilities

how much are ineffective tools & processes costing you?

How many potential new patients are missing the benefits of your service because they lack access? How much time & money have you wasted running a practice that sometimes feel like it’s running you? How often have you seen the profound importance of provider-patient connections on positive outcomes? The limitations keeping your practice from performing at its best are too high a price to pay.

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