Telehealth Toolkit

     The Redapple app provides you with a telehealth toolkit that includes features like a private virtual patient waiting room, secure chat, file exchange, and appointment scheduling. You can also manage your online reputation by using your reviews page link and your public profile link.

Manage your online reputation to boost your credibility​

          We know your primary focus is on your clients’ health, but you also have to promote your practice. That’s why we’ve created an easy to use and engaging listing service where patients can find you when they’re looking for help. You’ll be listed on our matching page and you’ll also have a unique link that you can post anywhere across the web to share your profile with clients who are ready to connect.

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Meet with clients virtually to save time and put clients at ease​

          In addition to your public profile link, you will get a personalized private waiting room link. Your waiting room link is unique to you and can be shared with clients pre-appointment after scheduling a time to meet. From your waiting room dashboard you will be able to select the patient and initiate a private video session.

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Chat and book appointments​

          Our in-app chat and sms text message feature provides a secure channel for you to converse with your patients about their health. You can also set appointments for patients via your calendar, or they can request an appointment based on your availability and you can approve it. Either way both parties can be notified by email and each event can be synced with the third party calendar of your choice.

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