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Increased athletic performance

Improved quality of life

Creating habits that keep you in peak physical health is difficult for any athlete. Despite your best efforts, there comes a point when no amount of training can help you break plateaus and make significant gains.

The missing ingredient may lie not in the gym, court, or field, but someplace else entirely — the kitchen.

use nutrition to take PERFORMANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL

BioAnalytics & Testing

Trey’s unique bio-analytical approach analyzes your bloodwork, diet, lifestyle, health information & body measurements to help determine your particular needs.


Certified Nutritional Coaching

The key to any health and fitness goal is good nutrition. We’ll use the power of healthy nutrition to significantly improve your performance, mobility, and quality of life.


Maximize athletic performance

We provide services for athletes with a wide range of eating habits, dietary restrictions, and health related goals. Our mission is to help you increase performance, optimize exercise facilitation, and attain health and fitness goals faster. 


who is trey triplette & how can he help you?

Trey Triplette is a former Division 1 athlete turned nutritionist that uses diet to transform the lives of his clients. Although training and exercise is important to performing at your best, Trey believes that ultimately, quality nutrition is what’s responsible for maintaining optimal development, performance, and health.

After becoming a certified nutritionist, Trey created 3Natural Bionutrition, where he continues to use his unique methods of combining diet, all natural supplements, and bioanalytics to change the lives of clients from the inside out.

He specializes in advancing the health and performance of athletes from high school all the way to the professional level, high performers, executives, armed service members, those who are health stricken, and anyone else who must consistently perform at optimal levels to meet the needs of their profession or calling.

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"Trey's approach to fitness & nutrition really helped improve my gains. It was like he took a selfie of me from the inside"

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use nutrition take your athletic performance to the next level

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