Privacy Policy

Information We Collect and How We Collect Information

If you are a visitor to our website or mobile application (App), we will not
collect your name and contact information. Before you can begin to use our
website or App and explore the full functionality of the App, you must
register and sign up on our App. You can sign up on one of our available
platforms (iOS, Android, Web). To do so, you will need a phone number and
email, and we will send a one-time-password to your phone number and a
confirmation email to activate your account. You can complete your profile
by filling out information that includes your name, address, birth date,
insurance information, gender, and any other information you choose to put
in your bio. You may be able to access some of our services without
providing us any personal details, but some of these services may not be
available to you until you register with us.

Through our App, there may be opportunities for you to save money through
coupons offered by our healthcare providers or marketing partners, which you
can opt-in by providing your name, contact information, and medical
information wherever you are interested in those offers. If you are
receiving unsolicited offers or deals and would wish not to receive any, you
can contact us at [info@RedApple.ai].

Your Protected Health Information (PHI) or data that you may share with us
during the use of our App, may include the date and time of your
appointments. We are not privy to information discussed during appointments,
and that information is confidential only between you and your healthcare
professional. We encrypt your message discussions on our App using secure
third-party features, and we abide by the terms and conditions of the third
features so that we can’t view your conversations.

When using our App, we may use cookies and other tools to keep track of your
behavior on the App so that we can continually improve your experience on
our platform as well as the entire service as a whole. We will log certain
information such as browser type, login time, session behavior, and other
various browser tracking data. Examples of Information that we collect
includes the profiles you have been searching for, the search query history,
and found matches you have made.

If you are to access our services from a mobile device, we will need
access to your location information for our service to find the appropriate
match for you within your area. We may also collect some non-identifiable
information from you while using our services on a mobile device. This
includes information that tracks the device such as the type of equipment,
the time and date of your visit, IP address, and other information related
to how your mobile device interacts with our web services.

If you make any purchases through our App, we partner with Google Pay,
Square, and other similar sites to process purchases. They may have their
own privacy policies that we are not associated with and may collect a
different set of data regarding your behavior.

When RedApple receives information that may identify you from you or your
Healthcare Providers, this information is considered protected health
information (PHI). It is protected under the federal law called the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). RedApple may only use
and disclose your PHI in the ways permitted by your Healthcare Providers.
When you sign up for a RedApple account, you will be asked to e-sign the
RedApple authorization, and your decision is entirely voluntary. If you
choose to e-sign the RedApple approval, you agree that RedApple can use such
information and disclose your PHI in the same way it uses and discloses your
data that is not PHI. Not signing RedApple authorization will not allow you
to complete your profile and will prevent you from using the full extent of
our services.

We may also, from time to time, request additional types of personal
information to optimize your experience with our service. In addition to
personal data, we may ask from time to time your feedback on the quality of
our services, so that we can continually improve the experience of our

How We Use Your Information

Our services are only available for your individual use only, and they are
not intended to be used for commercial purposes. You are not allowed to use
our App or services for any harmful purposes so that either RedApple or
others are negatively affected. You are permitted to use our services as
permitted by law and these Terms. By using our Services, you agree that:

RedApple wants to provide the best service it can offer to users. While
using our platform, there are standards we want our users to follow. Any
violations of the following points will be taken into account, and we will
follow up with corrective actions. In some cases of failure to abide by the
following rules, we may terminate your account:

Make sure all of the personal data provided by you is accurate and up to
date. All actions taken by you on your account are under your
responsibility. After setting up your account with RedApple, the account
should not be used by someone else. You will need to practice secure
password measures such as not sharing the info you used to create the
account as well as using a password that is hard to guess. Contact us to
make changes to your account if you know that your account is compromised.
We may contact you if we find unusual activity on your account and may
notify you through an email. You may not maliciously treat any users in a
hostile way that may cause emotional harm. Files shared between a healthcare
practitioner, and a patient falls under protected information and should not
be shared outside of the chat without the explicit permission of the
consenting party. You may not share malicious files that may damage RedApple
Property. If you are a healthcare provider, you are not allowed to share the
information according to HIPAA laws, and you will be liable for any lawsuits
that may occur in violation of those rules.

We may use your information for various purposes, including but not limited
to, providing, maintaining, and improving our Services. We shall provide you
the information that you have requested; provide you with information
specific to the location or city from where you are are seeking services;
respond to your comments, questions, requests for customer services;
communicate with you about products, services, offers, promotions, rewards,
and events offered by RedApple and others, we can provide you news and
information we think will be of interest to you so that we can monitor
trends, analyze usage or activities in connection with our services, so that
we can develop new services; this will allow us to detect, investigate, and
prevent transactions that are deemed fraudulent and other illegal
activities, and protect the rights and property of RedApple users; we can
also link or combine with the information we get from others to help
understand your requirements, needs, and desires to provide you with a
better service; and to carry out any other purpose for which the information
was collected.

We will use your Personally Identifiable Information only for the purpose
for which it was provided; it may be used for other purposes for which you
have given your consent. This includes, but not limited to, the following:
Administration of your Profile: Your email address and phone number are used
to register, log into, and manage your account on RedApple. For any issues
we may find, we will notify you via email. Connecting with doctors: We use
the information you provide to help you find or connect with doctors.
Marketing: When you sign up with RedApple, you are automatically put in our
marketing campaign, and we may send you various offers and deals based on
your behavior on the App. We do not share your email addresses or other
contact information with third parties without your permission.
Notifications: When you download the App, you have the option to enable
notifications from the App. We can notify you of messages you have received,
matches made, appointments booked, and various other information that could
be useful. If you decide not to receive any or all notifications, you can
disable them within the App or in your browser settings.

How We Share Your Information

We work with certain service providers to track associated internet
searches, browsing behaviors, and trends to complement our advertisements.
This helps us to provide better functionality of our App and website. These
third-party service providers are limited to use such information limited to
their contracted services with us.

Redapple’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

We intend to utilize these third-party technologies like, Amazon Web
Service, Google, and Facebook. They use tracking technologies such as
cookies, web beacons, and other capturing techiques to collect information
from our websites and other places on the internet and use that information
to provide measurement services, analytics, and target ads.

RedApple uses Google Analytics to use cookies to analyze your behavior on
the Web platform. You have the ability to either turn off or on cookie
tracking in the settings of your browser. Keep in mind when you do this, you
may not be presented with customized matches tailored for your profile. In
addition, we use Google Maps to provide location sending capabilities on our

Your visits to other websites outside of RedApple may track information that
doesn’t personally identify you. These websites may keep track of your
behavior, such as purchases and browsing interests, so to display ads about
goods and services that may be of any interest to you.

We may condense personally identifiable information about you into
statistics for our own analytic purposes to understand our demographics
better. Combined with website and app usage information, we may reach out to
marketing service providers to optimize our content for users based on need
and to perform marketing campaign ads. Finally, any information obtained
through these processes may be combined with your Personally Identifiable
Information in order to analyze our marketing efforts.

The information you provide to us information is protected under our privacy
policy, except under some certain exemptions: You have allowed us through
your consent to share or use information about you; A service you have
requested from us or our associated partners previously that may require
information from you that we can provide; We are required by certain laws to
disclose your information; We believe that it is necessary to protect our
rights to avoid liability or violations of the law; If you feel your
personal information is used for a purpose that is not intended for use in
our website or the App, and if this information is used in a materially
different from the purposes for it was intended to be used as originally
collected or subsequently authorized you can opt-out by sending us an email
[info@redapple.ai] requesting to be unsubscribed.

All of the personal information that you have provided is stored in a
secured fashion in your profile, which is not visible to other users or
doctors. When you use RedApple’s services, your information will be
confidential but not anonymous to other services. Some of your profile
information is visible to healthcare professionals who engage your
profile but is only visible when both parties have matched together.
Under HIPAA laws, your information is protected from being shared
outside of the App by the healthcare provider you match with. If you are
a healthcare provider, you are not allowed to share information
discussed with your matched patient unless given explicit consent. At
any time you feel that your information has been shared under a breach
of trust, please contact us at [info@RedApple.ai] By using RedApple
services, you consent to share your name and the health information in
your profile with the doctors with which you interact when using these

Your Choices

You have the option to not disclose information to us, but keep in mind
that you may not be able to use some of our services to their full
extent that needs your personal information to process your requests. If
you have signed up with Red Apple, as a patient-user, you may be able to
modify certain Personal Information by logging in and accessing your
account. If you have signed up as a doctor user and wish to make changes
to your account, please contact [info@RedApple.ai] to make the change
you wish to have.

You may have the opportunity to sign up for some of our marketing
campaigns to get access to deals within or outside of our App. When you
sign up on RedApple, you are automatically entered into our email
campaign, and you can always choose to opt-out if you want to. Keep in
mind that emails regarding the status of your account will still be sent
to you in order to notify you of any potential security risks or changes
to your account.

RedApple is not a medical organization and will not provide you medical
advice or diagnosis directly. Our services are to match patients with
healthcare professionals and to provide a channel of communication
between the two. We do not endorse the viewpoints or claims of
healthcare professionals found within our App. While we do our best to
verify the credentials of the healthcare professionals within our App,
we are not responsible for any abuses or violations these independent
healthcare professionals may take. Any medical advice or diagnosis,
solicited or unsolicited, given within the communication channels of our
App should not be considered qualified medical advice, and an in-person
office appointment follow-up visit would be the only thing that would
qualify as medical advice.

If you wish not to receive notifications from our mobile apps, you can
change the settings within the app menu or go to the phone settings and
turn off notifications.

If you wish to delete your account, please reach us at
[info@RedApple.ai], and RedApple will close your account within a few
business days. Uninstalling the App or closing your account will not
cancel your subscription if you have an active ongoing one, and you will
need to go to the service vendor who processed the charges for your
account. RedApple may reserve the right to retain any information and to
complete the transactions, in order to comply with any laws or
regulations that may require the information. You must notify us if any
of your account data is lost, stolen, or used without permission, or we
will not be held responsible for whatever damages may incur without our
intervention. For further assistance and for any clarification of this
privacy policy document, please contact info@redapple.ai.

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